Jio Bharat 4G Feature Phones Launched For Rs. 999

The Jio Bharat Phone platform was announced by telecom giant Jio in an effort to fulfil India’s “2G-MUKT BHARAT” vision. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones launched for Rs. 999 More than 250 million feature phone users can now access the internet via their devices thanks to this ground-breaking technology.

Internet-Enabled Services for Entry-Level Phones through Jio Bharat Platform

The JioBharat platform makes use of network and device capabilities to provide internet-enabled services on low-cost phones. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones launched for Rs. 999 With the help of this innovative programme, users of feature phones now have more opportunities to enjoy the advantages of digital connectivity.

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Addition to Reliance Retail

Renowned phone manufacturers are collaborating with Jio to embrace the “Jio Bharat platform” and create “Jio Bharat phones,” starting with Karbonn. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones launched for Rs. 999 Through this partnership, more affordably priced internet-capable phones will be made available nationwide.

Bridging The Digital Divide: Jio Bharat’s Mission

The main goal of Jio Bharat is to provide digital services to every Indian, especially those who cannot buy smartphones. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones launched for Rs. 999 for Rs. 999 Jio Bharat aims to close the digital divide, improve the lives of millions of people, and boost their economic well-being by making internet access available on feature phones.

Jio Phone Feature

Due to the escalating prices imposed by other telecom operators, customers have experienced growing digital disempowerment. Basic voice services now have a minimum fee of Rs. 199 instead of the prior Rs. 99 for a 30-day period. Jio Jio Bharat 4G feature phones launched for Rs. 999 Users who can’t afford smartphones are the ones who are most affected by this exploitation.

Overcoming Affordability and Access Restrictions

Access to digital services is restricted for users of feature phones in addition to issues with pricing.Jio Bharat 4G feature phones UPI launched for Rs. 999 Jio Bharat seeks to address these problems and give this underprivileged demographic group a chance to benefit from the transformative potential of technology.

The Jio Bharat Phone

has a number of features, such as a camera, FM radio, and UPI with Jio Pay. Additionally, Jio Apps like Jio Cinema and Jio Saavn are supported.

Beta Trial of Jio Bharat Phones

Beginning on July 7, 2023, Jio will start beta testing JioBharat phones with 1 million subscribers. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones UPI launched for Rs. 999 This seeks to simplify the upgrade procedure for consumers of feature phones and assure scalability.Jio will be able to learn from the beta testing and successfully serve feature phone consumers from various geographies since it will span 6,500 tehsils.

Jio phone price

Jio Bharat phones have the lowest entry price for an internet-enabled phone at Rs. 999, making them extremely accessible to users.

Users of Jio Bharat benefit from a monthly plan that is 30% less expensive and seven times more data than those of other feature phone operators.

Users receive 14 GB of data and unlimited voice calls for Rs. 123 per month, which is more than rival plans.Chairman of Reliance Jio Akash Ambani commented on the unveiling, saying,

We at Jio are dedicated to democratising the internet and spreading technology’s advantages to every Indian. Since 250 million Indians still use 2G mobile devices, we are taking significant measures to close the digital divide and invite all citizens to join this campaign. Jio Bharat 4G feature phones UPI launched for Rs. 999 The new Jio Bharat phone is evidence of our commitment to providing genuine value and practical use cases to various customer categories. We genuinely care about each and every one of our countrymen and women, and we will stop at nothing to make sure they all benefit from the quickly developing digital society.

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