JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Amazon

With its newest product, the JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Reliance Jio, one of India’s top telecommunications providers, has once again revolutionised the market. This Jio Phone’s replacement is poised to captivate a sizable audience thanks to its alluring pricing and remarkable capabilities, especially those looking for a reliable and economical connectivity choice. JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Learn more about this incredible Jion Phone by scrolling up.

Jio Bharat V2 Phone Price In India

Additionally, the Jio Bharat V2 Phone has a number of outstanding features. JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Users can access not only Jio apps but also other well-known programmes thanks to the specially developed Jio Bharat platform, which is a variant of Android. This phone offers a wide range of functions with features like JioCinema and JioSaavn, as well as the ability to listen to FM Radio and make payments with JioPay. The Jio Bharat V2 Phone also supports 23 Indian languages, enabling it to be used by a larger user base.

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Jio phone features

The Jio Bharat V2 Phone has a 4.5 cm TFT screen, which offers consumers a clear view in terms of specifications. A 128GB memory card is also supported, providing enough space for multimedia files. JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Although it has a tiny 0.3-megapixel camera, its potent woofer, 3.5 mm headphone connector, and torch more than make up for it. With a 1000 mAh battery, customers may depend on the phone for longer periods of time without having to frequently recharge it.

Two colour options—Ash Blue and Solo Black—are offered for the Jio Bharat V2 Phone to accommodate various aesthetic tastes. JIO Bharat V2 Phone Price India Flipkart, Although online shopping is not yet an option, interested customers can visit their local Jio Store to get the phone

In addition, Jio has collaborated with Indian phone manufacturer Karbonn to launch the JioBharat K1 Karbonn model. For those looking for an economical and dependable 4G feature phone, the Jio Bharat V2 Phone makes a strong case.


The Jio Bharat V2 Phone, which costs at Rs 999 without a recharge plan, is a great option for people who want to go from 2G to 4G networks. Reliance Jio created this feature phone to offer internet services at a reasonable cost with the goal of empowering 250 million customers and releasing them from outmoded 2G phones. On July 7, 2023, the beta testing of the first million Jio Bharat phones is scheduled to begin, marking another significant step in Jio’s effort to close the digital gap in India. It seeks to close the digital divide and give millions of users in India more control.

What is the cost of the Jio Keypad 2 smartphone?

Jio Phone 2 pricing in India begins at Rs. 2,999 as of July 11th, 2023.

What is the price of Jio Phone 3 4GB RAM 64gb ROM in India?

The Reliance Jio Phone 3 is anticipated to cost Rs 4500 in India.

Does Jio phone 2 have dual SIM?

An active Jio SIM Card must be put into SIM Slot 1 of the JioPhone 2. In the phone’s Slot 2, you can insert any other 2G SIM. Was this info useful to you?

Does Jio phone 2 have WIFI?

Yes, the JioPhone 2 can be WiFi connected. Was this info useful to you? I appreciate your comments. Your support motivates us to continue.

Can I use WhatsApp on Jio Phone 2?

On their original JioPhone or new JioPhone 2, users can access the Jio app and choose to download WhatsApp Messenger.

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