Kantara Ott Release Date: Kantara Earning, Budget, story

Kantara Ott Release Date the must-see Kannada film Kantara, which will be released on September 30, 2022, combines action, suspense, and drama. Rishabh Shetty wrote and directed the film Kantara. In the multi-starrer movie The Kanatara, Rishabh Shetty is joined by Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty, and Sapthami Gowda. Both the reviewers and the audience adore The Kantara, which is uncommon in today’s world.

Kantara Ott Release Date
Kantara Ott Release Date

Kantara Ott Release Date

Kantara Ott Release Date Budget

The film made a staggering ten times its 16 crore total budget in its first two weeks of release, which is projected to be approximately 154 crore. The creators are now prepared to release this action-packed thriller on the OTT platform Amazon prime starting on November 24, 2022, allowing viewers to watch it in the convenience of their own homes and with their family.

Kantara Ott Release Date

Kantara Ott Release Date.Kantara tells the tale of a Kambala Champion who gets into a battle with a DRFO official. The plot centres on the struggles the lead character must go through to obtain his fundamental, rightful rights. Among all Kannada films released to date, Kantara is recognised as having the greatest total revenue.

The movie Kantara was a big hit, but the filmmakers were concerned before it was released since it also features old practises and traditions that may offend some believers and cause the entire plot to fail. But thanks to God’s grace, the entire team is rewarded for all of its hard work and effort. Read the full article provided below to learn where to watch Kantara.

Kantara Ott Plateform

The movie’s producers chose to grant Amazon Prime exclusive streaming rights through the Kantara OTT Platform. To watch the movie and share it with their friends and family, customers must purchase an Amazon Prime OTT Platform subscription. A highly anticipated movie called The Kantara is currently accessible on Amazon Prime Worldwide in the languages of Hindi, English, Tamil, and Kannada.

Report on Kantara’s lifetime earnings

There was a significant enthusiasm among the general population to view an all-in-one movie in theatres, which helped The Kanatra start with a spectacular opening weekend in the first week of distribution with 17 CR approximately.

After two weeks of successful operation, Kantara has a gross worldwide earning of the staggering sum of 150 crores. The overall income for the first week was approximately 29 crores. The movie went exceptionally well even after the release of Ponniyin Selvan and provided the earlier stiff competition in terms of plot, photography, and soundtrack.

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Story Of Kantara Movie

The plot of the film centres on the need to protect the forest area that is home to the Gulinga Daiva temple from the heir to the king’s avarice, which could result in suffering at the hands of Lord Gulinga’s wrath owing to a vow made and kept by the forefathers of the Kasargod District.

The main character, Kaadubettu Shiva, battled the ambitious successor to reclaim their land during the Bhoota Kola festival, warned the court and his fellow villagers about the impending change, and then died a mysterious death. They have vowed to uphold this promise to protect the farmland until the end of their lives.

Shiva participated in the Bhoota Kola Festival and won it after much hardship and ups and downs. He also became possessed by the Daiva and later vanished into the jungle like his father, and the story concludes with Shiva’s kid inquiring of his mother Sundara about his father’s abrupt absence.

How To Watch Kantara

To watch the movie in the most convenient manner at home, you simply need to follow the steps listed below in the exact same order.

Start by going to the play store or the app store on your computer, mobile, or other device.
Next, type the name of the app into the search field and select the legally verified banner to download it.
Next, select the Download button.
Enter your email login information in the Amazon Prime Application, and then pay the subscription fees.
The first banner with the same name will then come on the screen to be picked once you type Kantara into the search bar on the home tab.

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