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The eighth of August when is international cat day a day to honour one of man’s most popular and long-standing pets. They were even revered as gods (looking at you, Egypt). Cats are among the greatest creatures on the earth because they are independent, intrepid, curious, have an incredible physiognomy, and have the ability to repair themselves—at least most of the time.

The eighth of August is designated each year as when is international cat day. The International Fund for Animal Welfare founded it in 2002.It is a day to educate people about cats and how to care for and protect them. The responsibility for overseeing International Cat Day will be transferred to International Cat Care in 2020[3], a non-profit British organisation that has been working since 1958 to advance the health and wellbeing of domestic cats all over the world.


On August 8, 2021, we honour our mysterious feline friends with International Cat Day.


Cats are mostly carnivorous little furry creatures with four legs, a tail, and claws that people have domesticated as pets since the beginning of time, when is international cat day despite the fact that they originally hunted vermin and are descended from the African Wildcat.Ancient Egyptian civilization contains the earliest known mention of cats in human history. Because the Egyptians revered and regarded cats as gods, we all appear to associate cats with the ancient Egyptians. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet—the first recorded cat deity—was revered as a protection against snakes, when is international cat day scorpions, and evil. For them, cats were thus more than just deities—they were also guardians.

August 8 is recognised as when is international cat dayThe particular day promotes knowledge of the best holistic care practises for our feline pals.On International Cat Day, cat owners are also reminded of the positive impact they have on society. Cats make excellent pets and are good for people’s health. Additionally, they support cognitive function.The International Fund for Animal Welfare established the day in 2002, and since then, it has become an annual event. The animal rights group uses International Cat Day as a platform to raise awareness of the requirements and preferences of cats.The organisation makes advantage of the day to inspire cat owners to come up with fresh ideas to strengthen their relationship with their furry children.

The organisation makes advantage of the day to inspire cat owners to come up with fresh ideas to strengthen their relationship with their furry children.when is international cat day encourages cat owners to spend time playing with their pets each day. This is done to enhance their wellbeing and mental health. For cats to be active and healthy, daily play is essential, just like dogs need to be walked every day.The International Fund for Animal Welfare also places a strong emphasis on encouraging people to adopt stray cats. In case you were unaware, International Cat Care serves as the day’s “custodian” in an official capacity.

Less than 30% of owners play with their cat for at least 5 minutes a day using a wand toy, according to a recent International Cat Care survey. The organisation wants to change this in the near future.Since 2020, International Cat Day has been under the supervision of International Cat Care. A British non-profit organisation has been advocating for cats since 1958.

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

Because cats are typically so low-key, celebrating International Cat Day can involve as much or as little as each cat in the household finds enjoyable. when is international cat day Everyone taking a cat nap could be a terrific way to get things going!While some cats might simply run and hide under the bed, easygoing cats could like making a big deal out of the day. In either case, people can apply some of these suggestions to make International Cat Day a joy for everyone:

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

The need to raise awareness of the predicament of many cats who do not have homes to live in is one of the most significant aspects of when is international cat day, not simply because it might be entertaining.

Animal shelters frequently require volunteers to help with critical jobs including office work, marketing, cleaning, and cat care, as well as people to bathe, groom, play with, and care for the cats. when is international cat day Visit a nearby shelter right away to see what kind of assistance is available, and make sure to tell the employees how much you value what they do!

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Make a Donation to a Cat Charity

Too busy to volunteer? That’s alright! A good opportunity to give money to a local cat shelter or animal shelter that might be having trouble paying for the upkeep and care of needy animals is on International Cat Day.when is international cat day You might also donate to a larger cat charity that supports these animals’ suffering. Try one of these to begin with:

Love, Petco. This nonprofit organisation, run by Petco, attempts to educate, motivate, and inspire people who care about animals to defend and rescue their lives.
Cat Foundation Winn. The Winn Feline Foundation, a non-profit organisation with global reach, supports medical research that enables cats to enjoy healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Allies in Crime. This organisation, which is also a global one, seeks to promote the humane treatment of cats while devoted to preserving their lives.
Animal Welfare Society Best Friends. This organisation provides a shelter and a home for neglected and abandoned animals with a no-kill policy. They also run a programme called catch, neuter, and release to help control the amount of feral cats.
Worldwide Cat Care. This organisation has been offering cat owners and carers all over the world assistance, support, and a wealth of free materials for more than 60 years.

Adopt a Cat for International Cat Day

Adopting a cat will help you save a life and bring love into your living room. Cats are often low-maintenance, independent, and easy to take care of.when is international cat day They also make excellent housemates and are frequently good with kids. Many different kinds of cats are only waiting for a kind person or family to adopt them and care for them!

Dress with a Nod to International Cat Day

On this significant day of celebration, cat eye sunglasses complement every piece of clothing. Choose the headband with the little cat ears, try on a striped hat (similar to The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss), don the cat-adorned slippers or go all out by sporting the Catwoman outfit. when is international cat day With a little respect for International Cat Day, anything that needs to be done today can be completed.

Make a Veterinarian Appointment

The best time to remember to take care of your cat’s health is on International Cat Day. Take advantage of the occasion to phone the veterinarian and arrange a checkup or preventative appointment to ensure everything is okay with them. It’s a good idea to make sure cats routinely visit a doctor to ensure they’re healthy and happy because cats are quite skilled at hiding signs of disease or pain.

Spoil a Cat for International Cat Day

This is the ideal time to get the cat a brand-new toy, bed, or maybe even some extra-expensive gourmet food! Give your four-legged companion the respect they deserve and celebrate when is international cat day with a small party for them. Those who don’t own cats might choose to buy some supplies and donate them to the neighbourhood cat shelter.

Visit a Local Cat Cafe

The pleasure of International Cat Day doesn’t have to be missed by those without cats of their own! This is the ideal time to stop by a cat cafe for a quick snack or coffee and, of course, to meet some cats. These cafes not only allow people to view the cats, but frequently have cats who enjoy playing with people. It’s a terrific chance to enjoy some trial time with a cat to determine whether they are a suitable fit because the cats who live at cat cafes are frequently up for adoption.If there are no cat cafes in their area, viewers could be interested in the sitcom Call me Kat, starring Mayim Bialik and Swoosie Kurtz.

Dress Your Cat in a Cute Costume

Dress up that cute, fuzzy cat in a costume that would inspire any cat lover to go the extra mile on International Cat Day.when is international cat day There are a tonne of various cat costume ideas available online, such as cowboy hats for cats, a Harry Potter striped scarf and circular cat spectacles, a feather boa, a pirate costume, or even a cat in a bunny suit!

Why is International Cat Day?

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) established International Cat Day in 2002 to promote cat awareness and educate people on how to care for and safeguard them.

Is there an official Cat Day?

Every year, on October 29, National Cat Day is recognised; in Canada, it is observed on August 8.

Is today happy Cat Day?

One of the most popular pets in the world has a day of celebration on August 8. According to the National Day Calendar, the International Fund for Animal Welfare established International Cat Day in 2002.

How many international cat days are there?

Every year on August 8, people celebrate International Cat Day. On January 14 and June 4, respectively, you can observe National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Is today National Cat Lady Day?

The day honouring cat ladies is April 19. Since mediaeval Europe, when a woman’s love of cats was viewed with suspicion and even contempt, the reputation of a cat lady has come a long way.

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